Sugar is a Poison!

Yes, that is right Sugar is Toxic.  I happened upon this little fact about a year ago when someone shared a video from a Dr. Lustig entitled “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” that literally changed my life.

Dr. Lustig’s video is a bit technical so I will summarize it here. Dr. Lustig and a microbiologist found that Sugar (Fructose) is processed in the Liver in almost exactly the same way as Alcohol. As a result, its consumption has almost the same long term health consequences/risks.

Some of the health problems/risks are the very same chronic deseases that are increasing the cost of medical care for everyone including:

Nifty right?  It get better.  Sugar is also addictive.  Just as you can be an Alcoholic, most Americans are now Sugaroholics. That is because sugar:

  • Stimulates that same pleasure centers in the brain as opium
  • Sugar makes you hungry

So sugar feels good and makes you hungry for.. more sugar.

I know it seams a bit insidious, but sugar has evolved this way to propagate fruits which were rare.  This is a nice symbiotic relationship in nature in that fruit has many vitamins that we need and enough fiber to slow down the digestion of Sugar so that it does not spike our insulin and cause the other problems.

What IS insidious is that MOST of the food we eat now contains Processed Sugar.  Why?  Because processed food manufacturers know that Sugar is addictive so they add it to almost everything they make.  As a result Americans are have gone from 5 lb. of sugar in the early 1900’s to over 200 lb. of Sugars per year.  Is it any wonder that America is Obese?

Don’t believe me?  Read the lables, but be aware that they hide procesed sugar under a number of names including:

  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Cane Juice
  • Fruit Juice
  • Dextrose
  • Sucrose

Yep, that is right, “Fruit Juice” is Processed Sugar as well.  You have concentrated the sugar (which is poison) out of the Fruit which is good for you.  I will never look at a container of orange juice again without thinking it should have a scull and cross bones!

When you are wide awake, take the time to watch all of Dr. Lustig’s video or if you have more time and perhaps read the commentary by Gary Taubes of the NY Times.  It takes a bit of concentration, but it might save your life!