Future of Web3D

I had the good fortune to present on the Future of Web3D as part of a panel at the Web3D symposium at SIGGRAPH 2008.  This is the segment on Youtube.

It was a great panel put together by Rita Turkowski of Intel and featured Remi Arnaud, Johannes Berh, Mimi Harris, Doug Twilleager, Christian Renaud, Vladimir Vukicevic and Mark Young.

I still like X3D for the sheer boldness of trying to define a standard that can completely describe 3D in XML for the web.  It is a bit heavyweight for many applications and the tools are still rudimentary for general consumption, but is still the only standards compliant 3D implementation for the web.

I think we are a bit too early for Web3D standardization.  At this point “competition is good” as evidenced by Unity3D and others coming up under the radar.  It is great to see it mature and evolve.

Kudos for a fun panel to Rita and the gang!

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