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Trader Joe’s cares less about Corona

Nope. Trader Joe’s does not care if you or its staff get’s Corona.

How do I know? While lines at Trader joe’s are around the block, “for your safety” Trader Joe’s has:

  • Decreased it’s hours, making lines (and the transmission risk) longer
  • Refused to allow Instacart delivery or curbside pickup.
  • Finally required their staff to wear masks, but without training them how to use them or even requiring that they be worn properly

Then on Trader Joe’s Podcast, VP Matt Sloan, had the gall to say they won’t do delivery because it takes years to develop? Nope. It takes minutes for to call Instacart and give the OK.

Look, I get it. Trader Joe’s has built its brand around having friendly staff with a plucky attitude. They tried delivery a few years ago and they found it distanced the customer from that culture and resulted in reduced sales.

That was then, this is now. If Trader Joe’s insists on long lines at it’s stores, knowing full well that increases the risk of Corona transmission, then they will lose customers and brand trust.

If Trader Joe’s wants to keep customer in the new reality of Corona, they need to allow delivery, increase hours and train the staff on the right way to keep themselves and the customers safe.

Oh, and Matt, you may want to remember that the best way to lose customers trust is to lie to them.

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